Yoga & Pilates

Yoga & Pilates

*We will be resuming…*

*Pilates private lessons starting September 2018!*

*Pilates group classes starting October 2nd 2018! *


Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates in early 20th century. As how Mr. Pilates called his exercise system, Contrology, it’s aiming to improve the control of our bodies, and thus to benefit on overall health.

Pilates is a relatively low risk exercise for all, to strengthen the core, to increase flexibility, to enhance balance and coordination and eventually, to integrate mind and body together.


About the teacher: Shelly Wu MSPT・Pilates Instructor

With a background as physical therapist, I want to utilize Pilates to help people, especially those with chronic pain, to improve their body awareness. Theories about (chronic) pain often correlate symptoms with poor posture and bad bio-mechanism in our activities which result in repetitive injuries on a daily basis. To solve that, it is critical to know your body, to feel how it moves and understand what is “right or wrong” while you are moving your body parts.


Class Schedule

Tuesday Pilates 11:30 AM
Saturday Pilates 10:00 AM


Single Class $25
Five Class Card  (expires 3 months) $100
Student Limit 5 people
Private Lesson $80
First Time $60


Please make sure you make a reservation.
We require a 24 hours cancellation. One class will be deducted for late cancellations.


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