Yoga & Pilates

Yoga & Pilates

*Unfortunately, there will be NO Yoga & Pilates Class starting August 2017 until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.*


Prenatal Yoga:

A prenatal yoga class moves slowly and is designed to be safe for the belly. It can help relieve some of the main issues that comes with pregnancy (low back pain, stiff neck, bloating). Depending on the pose, it is known to increase strength and flexibility of muscles needed for giving birth.

Yoga with Infants:

For babies one month of age ~ early stages of crawling.
This class was designed for new born mothers who want to get back into shape and relieve stress without having to leave your child. The class will include poses to help the loosened pelvis from giving birth, relieving tension around neck, arms, and shoulders, and strengthening the abdominals and buttocks. A clinical study shows that post-pregnancy, specific hormones are released that help aid to tone the body when exercise is applied. Please make sure to bring soft fabric to use on your baby, as you will be doing some light poses and massage with the baby. Please make sure you have a physician’s permission before starting any class.

Class Schedule


Baby Yoga 12:15 PM ~ 1:15 PM
Baby Yoga 1:30 PM ~ 2:30 PM
Pilates  2:45 PM ~ 3:45 PM
Positive Flow Exercise 5:30 PM ~ 6:40 PM


Single Class $24
Five Class Card  (expires 3 months) $100
Student Limit 5〜6 people
*We offer a first time trial lesson at $10.
Please make sure you make a reservation.
We require a 24 hours cancellation. One class will be deducted for late cancellations.


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