Service Changes Starting 2017

Service Changes Starting 2017

Dearest Kenkodo Clients,


Thank you for your continued use of our service. There will be added service and price changes starting January of 2017.


The changes are as follows:

  1. There will no longer be lady’s and men’s day.
  2. Couple’s massage on weekends will increase from $120 to $140
  3. One hour massage session will increase from $80 to $90
  4. 90 minute massage session will increase from $110 to $130
  5. Two hour massage session will increase from $160 to $180


New added services are as follows:

  1. Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports relief massage, and aroma therapy massage.
  2. We will also be selling package tickets.
  • 5 session ticket for $425 (6 months expiration)
  • 10 session ticket for $830 (1 year expiration)



We hope that you will continue to enjoy and use our services.



Kenkodo Staff



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