Swedish Massage

This is your classic full-body massage. The therapist uses oils and gliding techniques to relieve areas of muscle tension, alleviate stress and facilitate relaxation. Good for unwinding, relaxing and increasing circulation.

Deep Tissue

While similar to a classic Swedish Massage, this type of massage uses deeper pressures to really address trouble areas. It focuses on reaching deep layers of connective tissue found beneath muscle and fascia to alleviate discomfort and to help break up adhesions (“knots”). Good for muscle tension, chronic pain, and those seeking work on a specific problem area.

Sports Massage

This type of massage aims to enhance athletic performance by using a variety of techniques to focus on the areas in the body the athlete utilizes most. Good for increasing circulation, reducing pain and increasing range of motion.

Fees (Tip+Tax included)

60 min $90
90min $140


Aromatherapy Massage

Fees (Tip+Tax included)

60 min $100
90min $140


1. Detox Massage Oil

2. Energy Revive Massage Oil

3. Muscle Ease Massage Oil

4. De-stress Massage Oil


Hot Stone Massage



Fees (Tip + Tax included)

60 min $100
90min $140

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